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Casual conversations with pipers, drummers, and other pipeband-adjacent folks.
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My good buddy and frequent guest, Swan, surprised me with wings and a request for a story we've chatted about often before: though it be poorly prepared & presented, may you nonetheless enjoy the ...
June 25, 2022
Ian is a piper, a spinner of stories, a maker of films, and much more.  In recent years he's been working on a passion project of impressive proportion, researching and documenting the story of James ...
June 11, 2022
Bruce & the Baxter Family have been a part of the Utah Pipeband scene since the beginning >insert old-person joke here< Tune into this episode to hear how a dead rattle snake connects Bruce,...
May 28, 2022
Eamon has been an internet-creator since childhood and, luckily, much of his online comedic styling has to do with bagpipes. Here's a whole long list of links to cool projects he's done/is working on ...
May 14, 2022
The only, "Exotic Piper," I know, Marc has been on an interesting journey from his parochial choir-boy days amongst Roman ruins to rising through the artificial Brigadoonish mists in a local Utah thea...
April 30, 2022
Ross is a busy guy - he's a rock solid pipe player, the current Pipe Major of the Wasatch & District Grade 2 band, and he's the main man behind the lathe at Morrill Bagpipes. Check out his awesome...
April 16, 2022
I've been so excited to publish this interview!  I'm sure anyone who's listened to previous episodes will be aware that I'm a big fan of Tim's arrangements, recordings, and compositions.  This album: ...
April 2, 2022
You may already know that Chris Johnson is a chess champ, new dad, gold prospector, and tennis aficionado -- but did you know that he also plays bagpipes? Tune into this episode to hear Chris say, "We...
March 19, 2022
Jeremy previously visited the show in episode #34 to talk about his piping-podcast, "Wetootwaag's Bagpipe and History Podcast" (https://www.wetootwaag.com/) Today he's back to talk about a really exce...
March 5, 2022
Look out - Johnny knows karate... Warcraft, Mortal Kombat, tax audits, parenting, and even pipeband talk make up the conversation in this episode.  Tune in this week to hear Johnny say... a lot of stu...
February 19, 2022

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